Bhutan Lottery Result Today: Check Your Result Online

If you are a fan of Bhutan Lottery and want to check the latest Bhutan Lottery Result Today, this article will guide you through the process.

Bhutan Lottery is very popular and trending betting  game in Bhutan. The Bhutan Daily Bamber lottery game is run by the Bhutan State lottery Department, Which conducts daily draws and Announces the results online. The New Bhutan lottery results declared at 11:55 AM 4:00 PM and 8:00PM Daily basis. The first prize of Bhutan winner will get up to Rs. 25 lakh for different draws. You can check your Today Bhutan lottery result online at our webpage

How to Check Bhutan Lottery result Chart

You can download Bhutan Lottery result chart online in pdf from the official website. The link of official website for Bhutan lottery results online is given below

Step-1: Visit the official webpage and Select the Draw date and select the result file in pdf and then click on the download. The Bhutan lottery results chart shows up you can match your ticker number with the lottery draw number.

Bhutan Lottery Result Today Prize Overview

The state bhutan lottery name is kanchejunga under thia lottery there are series of Bhutan Lottery Draws, the Lottery name are Dear Morning at 11:30 AM, Dear Day at 4:00PM and Dear evening at 8:00 PM.

Kanchejunga Lottery prize overview

Prize RankPrize Amount
Ticket PriceRs.5/- per ticket
1st PrizeRs.10,000/-
2nd PrizeRs.9,500/-
3rd PrizeRs. 9,000/-
4th PrizeRs.600/-
5th PrizeRs.300/-
6th PrizeRs.130/-

Others Bhutan Lotteries are

Bhagyalakshmi-20, Kamadhenu-30, Marigold-50, Pearl-100, Ruby-200, Everest-250 lottery Prize overview

Prize RankPrize Amount
1st PrizeRs.50,000/-
2nd PrizeRs.7,000/-
3rd PrizeRs. 3,500/-
4th PrizeRs.200/-
5th PrizeRs.100/-
6th PrizeRs.50/-

Rajashree-50 lottery Prize overview

Prize RankPrize Amount
1st PrizeRs.2,00000/-
2nd PrizeRs.1,00000/-
3rd PrizeRs.50,000/-
4th PrizeRs.25,000/-
5th PrizeRs.7,500/-
6th PrizeRs.1,000/-

Dhavarsh-100 Prize overview

Prize RankPrize Amount
1st PrizeRs.40,0000/-
2nd PrizeRs.2,50,000/-
3rd PrizeRs.1,00000/-
4th PrizeRs.50,000/-
5th PrizeRs.25,000/-
6th PrizeRs.12,500/-
7th prizeRs.2,000/-

Rahjadhami-200 Lottery Prize

Prize RankPrize Amount
1st PrizeRs.8,00000/-
2nd PrizeRs.5,00000/-
3rd PrizeRs.2,00000/-
4th PrizeRs.1,00000/-
5th PrizeRs.50,000/-
6th PrizeRs.25,000/-
7th PrizeRs.4,000/-

Bhutan lottery app

You can fin Bhutan lottery (eTeeru app) Android application in Playstore to check your Bhutan Bumber Lottery result


Bhutan Lottery is a fun and exciting game that gives players a chance to win big prizes. If you want to check the latest Bhutan Lottery Result today, follow the steps mentioned in this article. Remember to play responsibly and follow the rules and regulations of the game. Good luck!

Bhutan Lottery Result: FAQs

How can I buy Bhutan lottery ticket Online?

Bhutan Lottery ticket is available only in offline mode. you have to buy ticket from Authorized Ticket Seller

How much Bhutan Lottery ticket Price?

The Bhutan Lottery per Ticket price is only Rs.5/-

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